Why did we establish global productions and operations?

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Arklign is a Straumann Executive Alliance Lab. Since Straumann operates globally, we have developed our own global operation to scale and grow with Straumann. With our productions and operations in the U.S., Taiwan, and China, we are able to provide our customers with fast turnaround time, consistent quality, and competitive pricing, similar to the business model Apple employs to manufacture iPhones.

Here are just some of the benefits dental practices experience from our global operations:

  • We take advantage of the global time zone for around-the-clock operation. Thus, reduce turnaround time.
  • We use the same FDA approved materials, milling machines, and 3D printers with a combination of optimized operations and reduced labor cost to offer our customers the competitive pricing and a streamlined workflow.
  • We find talented technicians globally with our networks of dental technology institutions to fabricate your cases so there is no shortage in talent resources to provide our customer with consistent quality and volume capacity.
  • Our experienced quality assurance team oversees all fabrication to ensure our customers always receive restorations with standardized quality regardless of which facility your cases are made.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers around the world provide on-site training periodically to update our technicians with the newest material, technique, and training. This is an advantage local mom and pop labs don’t have to stay current with industry trends.
Last Updated On December 17, 2018

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