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Arklign Case Relationship Management 

(Patented #10,846,783)

Arklign Platform makes case management collaborative and easy, streamlining your case workflow, eliminating prescription errors, preventing miscommunications, & providing up-to-date case status. Arklign Platform helps grow your practice by giving you easy access to actionable insights that highlight cost-saving opportunities.  Built from the ground up to help your practice drive down costs, save time, and make smarter decisions, Arklign Platform is the future of case management for dentists.

It is not just a portal. It is an EXPERIENCE.

Submit Case Online

Arklign Smart Rx incorporates the simplest and most intuitive digital online prescription form that pre-populates your case preferences for fast submission. All your case prescriptions will be stored online so you can access from any computer or mobile device. We also understand that our practices are busy and may sometimes make mistakes during case submission, so our Smart Rx has checks in place to alert you and guide you to a successful Rx submission.  Even after you submit the Rx, our Smart Rx analyzes your special instructions to make sure that nothing gets missed and your case gets sent to the most optimized fabrication line.

Instantly Schedule Pickups

With just two clicks, schedule a pickup and know when the driver is on their way.  Print a digital shipping label on-demand.  No longer do you have to call or wait for a shipping label to arrive.

Track Your Case Status Accurately

Each case will have a timestamp of it’s progress so you will know precisely each case status.  You will also be able to reference case history and track changes made.


Send/Receive Organized Messages

If you know how to text message or post a comment, then you’ll enjoy Arklign’s organized messaging system. Arklign automatically organizes your discussions by case.  You no longer have to sort through email threads to find out what decisions were made for a specific case.  Arklign messaging saves time and tracks your conversations so everyone can be updated on the progress.

Get Actionable Insights

Get easy access to your practice insights with no setup required.  Arklign’s out-of-the-box insights give a holistic view of your practice relationship with our laboratory. Arklign Insights automatically collects live data and provides you a visual presentation of all your case activities, performances, and reworks.  Filter your insights by dentist and date to highlight cost savings opportunities to grow your practice. For Dental Service Organizations, you can drill down your insights by individual practice or by a dentist to pinpoint opportunities.


Real-Time Notifications and Reminders

We know you are busy focusing on your patients so aCRM will notify you real-time of any case alerts, messages, and case status change.  aCRM will even send you a reminder if we are still waiting on a response from you.  You will never miss a beat with aCRM and us as your lab.




Centralize Case Management

Organize all your dental practices and dentists under one platform.  Arklign Platform was built to handle large group practices who have multiple offices and dentists who travel between offices. A Managing Dentist or Business Manager can manage their entire organization under one login.

Secure Your Data

We built Arklign with security as it’s core and utilize the best practice security standards to protect your case information.  All your data is encrypted, protected, and backed up to aid in your compliance with HIPPA. Learn more.

What are you waiting for?

Become one of the many dental practices who are saving time and money with Arklign.

Grow Your Practice with Arklign Insights

Gain a better understanding of the health of your practice relationship with our laboratory.  Get to the heart of the questions you ask everyday.  Uncover how your cases impact your bottom line and ways to improve.  Make better decisions with in-depth analysis at all levels, delivered in seconds.


Are you a group practice? Learn how Arklign can help you manage all you cases from all your practices.

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