Enterprise platform that gives practices and partner labs a more closely connected, streamlined workflow.


Experience a Relationship

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager that will be dialed in with your preferences including case fabrication and communication preferences. With our Case Relationship Management, we keep clear case communication records and monitor your preferences to assure your cases are fabricated the way you want it.

Experience Communication

We understand your staff is very busy so we proactively inform your staff of all case alerts and arrival dates by your preferred communication method.  You will also have access to our online Case Relationship Management platform that will allow you to communicate with us via messaging from your desktop or any mobile device.

Experience Reduced Costs

We not only offer competitive pricing for our products, but also, provide you cost savings opportunities through Arklign’s Case Relationship Management platform.  You will have access to actionable insights that highlight areas where you can save time and reduce cost.

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Streamline Your Case Workflow and Access Your Case Online

For busy dentists, dental assistants, and office staff who want to save time so they can focus on patient care.

Group Practices

We are uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of service to large group practices and DSOs that seek a laboratory partner who can scale with them as their businesses grow. With Arklign, customers benefit from a systemized workflow, data insights and high-volume laboratory capabilities that make business more efficient, leading to savings in time and costs.

Send Us Your Implant Custom Abutments to Simplify Your Workflow

Arklign Compatible Custom Abutments are 100% compatible with all the major implant systems.

As a Straumann Alliance Lab, We offer 100% genuine authentic Straumann Customized Abutments with our implant crowns.

Made with for your patients

"The missing piece in many labs that I see is relationship with the clients . When at its best, the dentist/ lab interaction is a partnership. It is encouraging to see your fantastic use of technology and strong relational style."

Dr. Michael Kelly
Clinical Instructor for Carestream Dental

"My experience with Arklign Case Relationship Management (aCRM) has been positive. It is user-friendly and time-saving. I enjoy the fact that I can check the status of cases we have submitted, without having to call. Also, the ease of updating a case with aCRM has been a big help, as well as sending/receiving messages form your tech people. "

Susie A.
Front Office
Carlos Ascencio, DDS Inc.

"Arklign uses collected data to learn my preferences to continue to serve me and my patients with the best customer service. They know my level of care and they treat my patients like their patients. This is why Arklign continues to be my #1 choice in dental laboratories."

Dr. George Soriano
Family Dentistry

"Working with Arklign has been a pleasure. From the fit of the crowns to the prompt customer service, Arklign has met all of our expectations."

Dr. Cory Timbers
Smiles of San Jose

"I have used Arklign for four years and really appreciate their customer service, competitive pricing, and their electronic case management platform. With Arklign I can view shipment dates, shipment locations, and answer questions using aCRM. We use Arklign labs for almost all of our crowns and dentures."

Randolph Cross, DDS
Dental Director
Salud Para La Gente

"When Arklign has a question about my cases, they never fail to let me know promptly and proactively. With their case relationship management platform, I always know the status of my cases. They make working with their lab very easy for my team."

Dr. DeLuca
Community Medical Centers

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