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We are a passionate team from dental, technology, and operation backgrounds solving the biggest dental industry challenges.

Our Mission

We are striving to be the end-to-end partner for dental service providers, connecting and transforming the dental ecosystem by centralizing workflow and automating communication while simultaneously providing personalized, hands-on approach to customer service.

First Mission: Transform the dental laboratory experience

We believe there is great demand to transform the dental laboratory experience.  We understand the challenges with inefficiencies and miscommunications that occur between the stakeholders – dentists, office staff, dental laboratory, dental manufacturers, and patients.  This results in increased costs and ruined relationships.  In recent years, the dental industry demands more value and cost effectiveness which leads to the adoption of digital technology.  Although this improves efficiency in some areas, there still exists miscommunications between the stakeholders and a gap in how all of these technologies work together.  We are taking on this challenge and are developing technology and services that complete the dental laboratory experience.

We are not just a dental laboratory, but also a technology company integrating software, fabrication, logistics, and data to transform the dental service experience.

Our Story

In 2005, Arklign Laboratories, previously BYF Dental Enterprise, was founded by Rex Ho to provide dentists with the best value dental restorations.  He was one of the first dental lab owners to develop a global production operation in the dental lab industry.  Although others have tried to mimic Arklign Lab’s global operations and failed, Rex was able to grow the company by not compromising and maintaining the highest quality standards.

In 2012, Ray Alde joined Arklign Laboratories, as Chief Smile Executive Officer to grow the company operations.  He developed a unique global operations workflow that combined proven processes of the dental lab industry with benefits of new technologies.  Prior to joining Arklign Laboratories, Ray had a wide range of experience with consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace technologies at various Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley.  Ray managed the development of innovative technologies such as the multi touch screen display used in Apple iPhones, charging system for Tesla Model S Electric Vehicle and power system for the NASA LCROSS satellite that discovered water on the moon.

In 2013, Master USA Fabrication Line was launched to focus on dentist who demand priority, convenience, and customizations in San Jose, CA. 

In 2015, Arklign started an engineering division to develop a software platform to solve the pain points between dental laboratories and dental practices.

In 2016, Arklign launched the Case Relationship Management Platform to all its dental laboratory customers. Arklign immediately saw significant user adoption and improved relationships between the dental practices and its team.  The company shortened their name to “Arklign” to be aligned with the company’s new mission to transform the dental service experience with technology.

Arklign was named after the story of Noah’s Ark in the book of Genesis.  Noah aligned his heart with God to build a vessel to save his family and a remnant of all the world’s animals from the flood.  We believe Arklign is a vessel for people who are flooded with the challenges of the dental service industry and looking for salvation.

Our Values

The Heart

The heart is the foundation of our company culture and we pour our hearts into everything we do.

We have the heart to

  • Believe in what we do and why
  • Be a team
  • Be humble
  • Serve one another, customers, and the community
  • Overcome our current limits to grow
  • Make no compromises

Transparent Communication

We believe in transparent and honest communication to enable understanding and purpose.  We strive for clear communication and listen to others with the intention to understand them fully.  We help each other and our partners express thoughts and feelings accurately so that we gain clear perspectives.  We utilize all forms of communication tools to facilitate communication.

Effective Relationships

At our core, we are about connecting people and building relationships.  We believe that nothing can be done alone and it’s the people that we work with and partner with every day that makes what we do fun and enjoyable.  Our success is measured by how many people we connect with and the quality of the relationships.

The Truth

We are a data-driven company.  Accurate Data (the truth) provides common ground for people to see, share, and talk about information in the same light, and make informed decisions.  The better we can see the other person’s point of view, the better we can work together to achieve great results.