Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia crown is composed of zirconium- a heavy-duty, biocompatible substance which is also used by surgeons in their patient’s artificial joints.  We’ve researched around the world and picked a Zirconia material that provides us a perfect combination of strength and natural esthetics.

Layered Zirconia Crown

Layered Zirconia crown has a combination of highest esthetics, strength and flexibility for anterior and posterior cases.  Our zirconia framework has a flexural strength of 1200Mpa.  There is no metal or unsightly black lines at gingival margins.

Full Solid Zirconia Crown

FZ Crown can stand up to a severe Bruxer and is recommended for posterior cases.  Our entire crown has a flexural strength of 1200Mpa.  The esthetics are far superior compared to Full Metal Crowns or PFM with metal-occlusals.


We use the best Zirconia material from Sagemax. We use one of the most translucent Zirconia on the market with translucency factor of >34 1-XR% (1.0mm).

Sagemax does an extensive amount of testing, including radioactivity testing, on our zirconia before it even goes into production to ensure that our quality remains consistent and our products are 100% safe.

Sagemax Zirconia material is made in their production facilities in Federal Way, WA, USA located just south of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

5 Star Rating

Sagemax Zirconia NexxZr T recently earned a 5-Star-Rating from “The Dental Advisor” in a clinical trial. Click View Full Report to read more.