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Closure Time
Our insights now calculate how long it takes for you to close a case alert. From the time a question arises for a patient card, to when the question is answered, we calculate how long it took for the question to be resolved.
Select this on your dashboard to drill down monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Forward your email notifications
When you have multiple accounts with Arklign, you can now setup email forwarding so that all your email notifications from Arklign get sent to one specific email address.

Next Stage Products
Unsure what the next stage of fabrication is?

Our new Next Stage feature narrows down the list of stages to be selected for your patient’s next appointment. This is a great feature to use especially for All-On-X and removeable restorations that require multiple try-in stages to complete the prostheses.

To do so, click on the case card that has already been delivered, click More and select Create Next Stage.

If you’re currently on the Full Denture – Base Plate w/ Bite Block, our Next Stage feature will populate Full Denture – Teeth Setup as your next stage in the fabrication sequence.

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