BYF Family is happy to see that the Denti-Cal coverage for Adults has been partially restored!  More adults in need can now get dental treatment covered and BYF would like to support dentists who receive Denti-Cal patients.  We will give you a 10% discount on dentures for your Denti-Cal patient.  Please indicate “Denti-Cal” on the Rx and list your patients Denti-Cal info.

What dental procedures are covered?



Who can receive the restored dental services benefits under the Denti-cal program?

Only the beneficiaries 21 years and above can receive the benefits.

What opportunity this new Denti-cal rules will mean for dentists in California 

More patients and earning opportunities.  From July 1, 2009 to April 30, 2014, the Denti-Cal program no longer covered the adult dental services above. Patients who have no financial capacity had to forego dental treatment or Discuss alternative payment options with their dentists. Others also go to community clinics that charge based on the patient’s ability to pay. With the partial restoration of dental benefits, dentists have the opportunity to service more patients who are beneficiaries of the Denti-cal program.

What to do to prepare for it.

The revalidation process ofDenti-Cal will begin this year. Here are few suggestions for you to be able to participate in the program:

Study the restored Denti-cal benefits available to the beneficiaries. Remember that not all adult dental services are restored. The new Denti-Cal program only concentrates on the following:

∞    Basic restorative procedures

∞    Endodontic therapy (anterior teeth)

∞    Preventive services

∞    Return to function (prosthodontic services)

Submit your new enrollment application package: As a provider, you will be required to enroll so that you can participate in the Denti-Cal program.

Confirm your enrollment. Be sure that you confirm your status as an enrolled provider

1)    Go to

2)    Look at the top of the webpage and pick the “Providers” tab

3)    Go to the next page and click the link to the “Denti-Cal Provider Enrollment Status FAQ.” Read the instructions on “How can check if you are enrolled with Denti-Cal.” It tells you to call the phone line of theProvider Customer Service or electronically submit the Provider Enrollment Status Inquiry Form.

4)    If you click the inquiry form, it asks for the following details:

∞    NPI

∞    Provider Name

∞    Business Name

∞    City

∞    Contact Name

∞    Email Address

∞    Office Address

∞    Phone Number

∞    State

∞    Zip Code

∞    And whether you would like to be contacted through email or by telephone.

Why should I enroll as provider? You must enroll to get paid for the services you rendered to Denti-cal beneficiaries. Otherwise, you cannot claim for the fees.

Why should I get my National Provider Identifier? You cannot enroll in the program unless you obtain your NPI. Currently enrolled providers are persuaded by Dent-cal  to do the following-

  • Obtain an NPI
  • Register with Denti-Cal using the NPI

I don’t have an NPI what should I do?


Keep track of the phases of enrollment revalidation. Since revalidation shall be implemented in several phases, you have to take note of the important dates. You shall receive a written notification before the due date of your revalidation.

Be patient in waiting for your revalidation notification letter. You are not allowed to submit your new enrollment application until you receive the notification letter for your revalidation.

Keep posted. Watch out for bulletins and attend provider seminars to get additional information about the Denti-cal program. Seminars shall discuss the following-

1)    Administrative requirements of the Denti-Cal program

2)    Required documentation when you file claims.

3)    Scope of benefits of the renewed adult program

4)    Treatment authorizations


We offer top quality and the most valuable and functional line of dental restorations and services for dentists across the country. Feel free to call our customer service representatives (800) 361-1659 for any question and ask about our special Denti-Cal Value program.