Lately, a lot of our customers have been asking us about Zirconia and we here at BYF are big fans of this ceramic material. We have done our research and created this report to help you understand the benefits of Zirconia that you can share with your patients.  You can get a snapshot summary below or see detailed report on the attached document BYF Zirconia Benefits.

What is Zirconia and how does it work?

Zirconia crown is composed of zirconium- a heavy-duty, biocompatible substance which is also used by surgeons in their patient’s artificial joints. It is a popular, type of all-ceramic crown which radically improves the aesthetic appearance of a disfigured or stained tooth.

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Advantages of zirconia crown/bridge

Zirconia is quickly growing as the ideal material for dental crowns. It is a heavy-duty material that endures every day use. Aesthetically speaking, it is almost invisible and unidentifiable with natural tooth because of its translucent feature, which reflects light in a very similar way.

The aesthetic effect of Zirconia makes it the material of choice especially if the new crowns are to be at the front of your patient’s mouth.  Patients whose crowns will be seen next to natural teeth should choose Zirconium instead of PFM’s.

Top features:

∗  Computer-aided design

∗ Conventional cementation

∗ Exact precision fit

∗  Excellent bond strength

∗ Flexural strength which withstands every  day mastication

∗ No color variations. It uses new unique coloring technology to look natural 

∗ No graying, no metal margins

∗ No metal substructure looks more natural than PFM’s.

∗ Thinner coping that encourages flexibility

∗ Traditional bonding techniques

∗ No Metal fuse

∗  Adjustable color, shape and size




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Product offer

Zirconia is highly recommended for any full crown restoration that requires durability, extra strength and aesthetic value.  Our Premium Line offers Fixed Restoration which includes the following:

o   Zirconia Crown/Bridge

o   Procera Zirconia Crown/Bridge

o   Full Solid Zirconia- Crown/Bridge

o   Full Solid Zirconia-Inlay


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