We simplified the case submission process so dentists can focus on what matters most- patient care.

Arklign is user-friendly and full of exciting features designed to meet the unique needs of dental practices. No installation required.

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We simplified the case submission process so dentists can focus on what matters most- patient care.

Arklign is user-friendly and full of exciting features designed to meet the unique needs of dental practices. No installation required.

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Arklign Case Relationship Management


Arklign makes case management collaborative and easy. Streamline your workflow, eliminate prescription errors, avoid miscommunications, and keep track of your cases in one place. Arklign gives you actionable insights so you can drive down costs and save time. Experience the future of digital case management today with Arklign.

Features & Benefits


Centralize Case Management

Manage all your dental practice cases to all your partner labs in one platform. Avoid having your practices use different portals from each lab.

Efficient Case Submission

Submit your cases in seconds with our intuitive and user-friendly Smart Rx.

Organized Communication

Save time and automatically organize your messages by case. Track your conversations so everyone can be updated on the progress.

Track Your Case Status Instantly

From submission to delivery, see what’s going on with your cases and avoid last minute patient rescheduling.

Get Actionable Insights

Discover cost saving opportunities with easy access to your practice insights. Understand relationship between your practices and laboratories.

Schedule Pickups with Ease

Request a pickup in just 2 clicks. Scheduling pickups has never been easier.

Real-time Notifications and Reminders

Get notified immediately of any technical questions, status changes, or other messages that have been sent.

Secure Your Data

Experience peace of mind with top-level security.

Centralize Case Management

Need to manage large group practices, traveling doctors, and multiple labs? Arklign was built to handle the unique needs of DSOs and other group practices. Unite your offices and labs under one roof.

✓ Easily manage multiple offices or even the entire organization under one login
✓ Experience a common platform for submitting cases to all your partner labs
✓ Standardize reports at all levels between your specific doctors and partner labs
✓ See a holistic view of your practice and benchmark your labs

Fast & Efficient Case Submission

Paper prescriptions are cumbersome, inefficient, and error-prone. Get rid of the hassle with Arklign’s Smart Rx.

✓ Eliminates prescription errors- never leave out important information again
✓ Personalizes your cases with preferences
✓ Allows dentists to send to any partner lab
✓ Stores your cases online for on-demand access
✓ Fast and easy to use



Organized Communication

Arklign’s in-app messaging ties all the communication between the dental office and the lab to a patient case card so you can keep track of any decisions made during fabrication.

✓ Avoids playing phone tag
✓ Keeps your messages organized by case
✓ Send messages with ease- just like texting
✓ Never miss a technical question from the lab
✓ Attach and view photos and documents

Track Your Case Status Instantly

Never wonder about the status of your case or waste your valuable time calling the lab for status. Get real-time updates on each patient’s case card and easily track arrival dates.

✓ Timestamps progress of each case
✓ Logs the history of status changes to your cases
✓ Prevents last-minute rescheduling of patients

Take Action with Insights

Gain a better understanding of your practice activities with your laboratories. Get to the heart of the questions you ask every day. Arklign provides context around your data so you can receive actionable insights.

✓ Automatically collects live data on your case activities and performances.
✓ Highlights cost-savings opportunities and actions
✓ Examines your practice from every level – doctor, office, and organization
✓ Ability to drill down to see the case information and communication

We also can assign a dedicated lab consultant to act as an extension of your team to help you analyze your practices relationships with your labs, determine cost savings opportunities and performance improvements. We will work with all your labs to adopt the platform and coach them on how to work with your practices in the most efficient way.


Schedule Pickups Faster

No need to tie up your phone lines and wait on hold for a simple request. Free up your time to focus on patients.

✓ Save time- schedule your pickups in 2 clicks
✓ See when the driver is on the way
✓ Print shipping labels quickly
✓ Set your office hours, including lunch breaks so drivers do not come when you’re not around
✓ Send messages for special requests or packaging materials

Real-time Notifications and Reminders

We understand how busy dental practices can be. That’s why Arklign gives you real-time notifications whenever the lab is trying to reach you.

✓ Faster response with instant notifications of all case questions
✓ Alerts you of any case or pickup status updates
✓ Manage notifications to only see what you need

Secure Your Information

We take security seriously and designed Arklign with security at its core. Unsecured lab portals or paper Rx may expose you to HIPAA violations and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We protect your patients’ and doctors’ sensitive information to meet HIPAA and HITECH security standards. See our Security Policy.

✓ Sensitive information is safely encrypted
✓ Data is stored off-site and protected by trained security guards
✓ Data is backed up to prevent loss
✓ Established formal security program where all employees are trained on HIPAA security

Arklign revealed thus far over


$3.5 Million


in potential savings for our dental practices

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