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Arklign is user-friendly and full of exciting features designed to create the best customer experience throughout the entire case workflow.

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Arklign Case Relationship Management

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We refined 13 years of experience in the dental lab industry into a platform specifically designed to meet laboratory needs. We developed our platform to solve the pain points you have with your practices. Arklign makes working with your practices collaborative and easy. Streamline your workflow, eliminate prescription errors, avoid miscommunications, and keep track of your cases in one place. We give you actionable insights so you can drive down costs and save time. Experience the future of digital case management today with Arklign.

Features & Benefits

Centralize Case Management

Manage all your dental practice traditional and digital cases in one platform your practices are trained to use.

User-friendly Smart Rx

Eliminate prescription errors with our intuitive and user-friendly Smart Rx.

Organized Communication

Facilitate open communication with in-app messaging organized by case.

Reduced Phone Calls

Spend less time receiving case status calls and playing phone tag with your practices.

Get Actionable Insights

Discover cost saving opportunities with easy access to your practices insights.

Schedule Pickups with Ease

Save time and give your doctors the ease of requesting pickups in 2 clicks or printing their own shipping labels.

Real-time Notifications and Reminders

Get notified immediately of any case submissions, questions, or responses to messages that have been sent.

Secure Your Data

Experience peace of mind with top-level security.

Centralize Case Management

Experience the ease of having all case information in one place.

✓ Experience a common user-friendly platform your practices love to use
✓ Easily manage all your traditional and digital case activities with your practices
✓ Consolidate case communication and pickups on individual cards
✓ See a holistic view of your lab-practice relationships.
✓ API Integration for Lab Management Systems

User-friendly Smart Rx

Paper prescriptions are cumbersome, inefficient, error-prone, and costly. Do not let lack of critical information hold up fabrication. Arklign Smart Rx prevents your dentists from submitting a case when critical information is missing, saving you time and avoiding errors. Get rid of the hassle with Arklign’s Smart Rx.

✓ Reduced case questions due to missing information to fabricate the case.
✓ Eliminates prescription errors by only requiring critical information for each product. No unnecessary noise.
✓ Fabrication preferences are automatically populated for every dentist.
✓ Prevent case reworks due to poorly filled out paper Rx

Organized Communication

We believe communication is the key to a strong relationship and we designed the platform centering on organized communication. Arklign’s in-app messaging ties all the communication between the dental office and the lab to a patient case card so you can keep track of any decisions made during fabrication.

✓ Avoids playing phone tag with your practices
✓ Keeps your messages organized by case
✓ Creates context around your messages to avoid miscommunication
✓ Attach and view photos and documents
✓ Use internal messaging to communicate within your organization

Reduced Phone Calls

How much time do you spend on simple calls, like status and pickup requests? Arklign virtually eliminates the need for these calls so you can focus your time on cases.

✓ Reduces status calls
✓ Reduces pickup calls and shipping label requests
✓ Reduces technical calls due to missing information to fabricate the case

Take Action with Insights

We spent years analyzing key performance indicators and what factors most affect retention. With Insights, you can predict which offices are at risk and take action to improve your relationships. You can leverage Insights to discuss with your practices ways to improve their cases with your laboratory.

✓ Automatically collects live data of case activities and performances
✓ Ability to drill down to see the case information and communication
✓ Identifies negative trends and opportunities to improve your relationship with your practices
✓ Utilize the practice data from every level – doctor, office, and organization to consult your practices on ways to improve case performance.
✓ Facilitates trust and understanding with your practices.

We also can assign a dedicated lab consultant to act as an extension of your team to help you analyze your relationships with your practices, determine cost savings opportunities and relationship improvements.

Quick Pickup Requests

Make it easy for your practices to request pickups and send cases to you. No need to tie up your phone lines with pickup calls.

✓ Provides office hours and best times to send the driver
✓ Provide your practices on-demand pickup status and notifications
✓ Integrate with your FedEx account to offer self-service label printing
✓ Send/Receive messages regarding pickup questions

Real-time Notifications and Reminders

We understand how busy labs can be. That’s why Arklign gives you real-time notifications whenever the practices are trying to reach you.

✓ Faster response with instant notifications of all case questions
✓ Ability to only see cases with cases issues that are waiting for a response
✓ Manage notifications to only see what you need

Secure Your Information

We take security seriously and designed Arklign with security at its core. Unsecured lab portals or paper Rx may expose you to HIPAA violations and shouldn’t be taken lightly. More dental practices are requiring their laboratories to sign BAA’s and meet higher levels of security but don’t worry, we are here to help.  We protect your patients’ and doctors’ sensitive information to meet HIPAA and HITECH security standards. See our Security Policy.

✓ Sensitive information is safely encrypted
✓ Data is stored off-site and protected by trained security guards
✓ Data is backed up to prevent loss
✓ Established formal security program where all employees are trained on HIPAA security

Dental Lab's Results when using Arklign


Increase Customer Retention


Less Case Issues


Less Status Calls


Less Pickup Calls

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