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aCRM December Release! Never Miss a Case Alert!

Case alerts are sent to you for any technical questions or clarifications your laboratory may have. The sooner the case alert is resolved, the less likely the case will be delayed for delivery.  Therefore, we improved our aCRM experience to help you easily view cases...

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Group Dental Practices Are on the Rise

Why group practice is rising and dentists with solo practice need to think about it Group practice is increasingly becoming a trend in the dental industry but many dentists in solo practice brush it off. Here’s a thorough discussion of the rise of group practices in...

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10 costly money-saving mistakes that dentists make

Are you a smart money saver or an extreme cheapskate who makes money-saving mistakes that can actually sabotage your plans to save? Saving money isn't about socking away as much as you can, but making wise choices in your dental practice to reduce operation costs....

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Top 8 Trends in Dental Practices for 2015

As I'm meeting with my dentists recently, we are discussing about improvements for their dental practice.  My dentists are acknowledging that their old ways of running their practice is no longer working.  Dentists are looking to improve their practice so they can...

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Thank You for Attending the 3M Event!

The 3M Event featuring Dr. Kachalia was a success! We learned the current trends of digital dentistry and the dentists perspective of the many digital impression options in the market.  The BYF Family also enjoyed meeting with all our dentists that attended in person....

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